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  • How Photography Changed Me

    Taking pictures might seem like a boring task to many people out there, but that’s part of the reason they would hire someone like myself or buy my art. It is also a reason they aren’t very good at taking those pictures and selfies are they go to weapon, if you know what I mean, otherwise selfie sticks wouldn’t be all that popular!

    Telephone has become the new camera, and people are okay with it. I am here to tell you that true photography remains a form of art that many people love and continue to evolve with. You see, taking pictures might seem simple to an outsider, but making a photo of a tow truck, picking up another vehicle look amazing is a gift as well as a skill. It is definitely an art form and to all the photographers out there, don’t let an outsider tell you otherwise.

    Recently, a buddy of mine who owns a towing company in Richmond asked me to take some pictures of his work, so he would post them all over social media.…

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  • My Start In Photography

    I first took serious interest in photography in high school. I went to an excelled school as a kid that provided me with the opportunity to take more classes than your average high schooler.

    In addition to the surplus of credits available, we were offered a multitude of classes, all ranging in genre. There were elective math classes, science, history, digital design, and arts. Me being more of a creative mind, chose to go with mostly art electives. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved taking pictures and I’ve found myself generally good at capturing moments, but I wanted to learn all the technical elements that go into making a professional photograph.

    So I signed up for Photography 1.

    All summer I did research on photography, growing quite excited for the class itself. Once the school year rolled around again, I was introduced to my teacher Ms. Marigold. She was a young woman in her mid twenties recently graduated from a local college.…

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  • Getting The Feel For My Nikon D600

    Wild rooster I think. Was hanging out in the park
    Not sure which bird, but looks majestic.
    DSC_0112 (2)
    One good looking crane

    Hi guys,

    Decided to upload some of the most recent pics. Just getting used to my new D600, she’s a beast! Every pictures is taken with the stock 28-300 mm Nikkor lens at HQ and all advanced setting at auto. It’s hard to tell the difference when all pics are sized to fit the post, so feel free to open them up in full screen. My personal favorites from these five are the butterfly and the crane. Enjoy!

    Goose or duck. You tell the difference. But that D600 quality never fails
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  • Wedding Photography Gig Was A Success!

    Let me begin by saying that I don’t usually enjoy taking pictures of other people getting married, especially since I’m single and they tend to “show affection” quite a bit at those events, but this time was completely different.

    Before I go any further with the story though, I want to give a shout out to Jason, the driver of the limousine from the limousine rental hired by Franklin, for saving my butt out there. I felt like a total amateur when both of my batteries died 5 minutes before the actual ceremony. Jason, happened to have a Nikon on him and gave me his spare battery. If you’re reading this, shoot me a message at admin@fredyoungphotography.com and I’ll take you out for drinks.
    For whatever reason the company doesn’t give out driver’s contact information and I want you to know that you’re the man!…

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  • My New Nikon D600

    Hi guys! Just wanted to give everyone an update. Christmas came early for me this year!

    I’ve just purchased a brand new Nikon D600! By “just” I mean yesterday, and I have been taking pics non stop since I got home. This camera is amazing!

    I already knew that I wanted a Nikon for my next DSLR and as I was doing my research, price shopping, comparing all the different models out there and even thinking about buying a Canon instead, I’ve stumbled upon a flyer from a local camera store. The deal was 20 percent off that particular model! I’m just a regular guy who happened to love photography more than anything, so as you can imagine, I’m not a Richie rich. The camera isn’t the top of the class or the newest model, in fact it has been out for a couple of years now, however, you can look up the stats on Wiki and compare it to some other products on the market to see how competitive it is in terms of it’s features and of course the price.…

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  • Fred’s Passion

    It all started when I was 8 years old…

    I remember it as if it was yesterday, maybe not as clearly but you get the point. My mom and I we’re in the kitchen one day after eating lunch, I was helping her wash the dishes, probably for the first time ever since I was a bit of a lazy kid. So, I’m washing and my mom is drying and me, being the child that I was, I started playing with soap and water, splashing my mom and you know, being me. I remember spinning up the water and soap in the blender and when it got super foamy, I poured it into the sink.


    I kept on playing with the blender and the second time I poured it back, it bounced off of a plate and bubbles flew into the air. The sink was positioned directly in front of the window and the sunlight penetrated one of the bigger bubbles.…