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  • My Start In Photography

    I first took serious interest in photography in high school. I went to an excelled school as a kid that provided me with the opportunity to take more classes than your average high schooler.

    In addition to the surplus of credits available, we were offered a multitude of classes, all ranging in genre. There were elective math classes, science, history, digital design, and arts. Me being more of a creative mind, chose to go with mostly art electives. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved taking pictures and I’ve found myself generally good at capturing moments, but I wanted to learn all the technical elements that go into making a professional photograph.

    So I signed up for Photography 1.

    All summer I did research on photography, growing quite excited for the class itself. Once the school year rolled around again, I was introduced to my teacher Ms. Marigold. She was a young woman in her mid twenties recently graduated from a local college.…

  • My Memories
  • Memory Of My Mother

    She has a very special place in my heart…

    I remember watching my mother take pictures as a child.

    The way she angled her body to catch the beams of sunshine pouring through the weeping willows above us, the *click click click* of each new shot. I would sit on the edge of the tree stump with my feet dangling, and simply observe her. She would become so absorbed in catching the “perfect” shot. At times she would beckon for me to come to her and I would run over, excited to be invited into her world, even if only for a few moments. Getting to share this passion with her made me feel as though I had gained the key to a secret world that only she and I knew about. We would sit and critique each photograph, finding new ways to capture the beauty of the world before it passed us by.

    Every Saturday we would walk along Old Richmond Road and find a new spot.…