• Gen Pop
  • My Start In Photography

    I first took serious interest in photography in high school. I went to an excelled school as a kid that provided me with the opportunity to take more classes than your average high schooler.

    In addition to the surplus of credits available, we were offered a multitude of classes, all ranging in genre. There were elective math classes, science, history, digital design, and arts. Me being more of a creative mind, chose to go with mostly art electives. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved taking pictures and I’ve found myself generally good at capturing moments, but I wanted to learn all the technical elements that go into making a professional photograph.

    So I signed up for Photography 1.

    All summer I did research on photography, growing quite excited for the class itself. Once the school year rolled around again, I was introduced to my teacher Ms. Marigold. She was a young woman in her mid twenties recently graduated from a local college.…

  • Events
  • Shooting all day, every day!

    I’ve had an amazing couple of weeks, didn’t have much time for anything other than work.


    Two weeks ago I got hired as an event photographer to a masquerade type party in RVA. All thanks to one of my good friend’s in the area, Mark. He part own’s in Photo Booth Rental Richmond which is a pretty awesome little business. A lot of creativity went into in and believe it or not, I was helping them build the booths from scratch.…