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  • How Photography Changed Me

    Taking pictures might seem like a boring task to many people out there, but that’s part of the reason they would hire someone like myself or buy my art. It is also a reason they aren’t very good at taking those pictures and selfies are they go to weapon, if you know what I mean, otherwise selfie sticks wouldn’t be all that popular!

    Telephone has become the new camera, and people are okay with it. I am here to tell you that true photography remains a form of art that many people love and continue to evolve with. You see, taking pictures might seem simple to an outsider, but making a photo of a tow truck, picking up another vehicle look amazing is a gift as well as a skill. It is definitely an art form and to all the photographers out there, don’t let an outsider tell you otherwise.

    Recently, a buddy of mine who owns a towing company in Richmond¬†asked me to take some pictures of his work, so he would post them all over social media.…