Wedding Photography Gig Was A Success!

Let me begin by saying that I don’t usually enjoy taking pictures of other people getting married, especially since I’m single and they tend to “show affection” quite a bit at those events, but this time was completely different.

Before I go any further with the story though, I want to give a shout out to Jason, the driver of the limousine from the limousine rental hired by Franklin, for saving my butt out there. I felt like a total amateur when both of my batteries died 5 minutes before the actual ceremony. Jason, happened to have a Nikon on him and gave me his spare battery. If you’re reading this, shoot me a message at and I’ll take you out for drinks.
For whatever reason the company doesn’t give out driver’s contact information and I want you to know that you’re the man!

Now let me get back to the story…

So, I’ve initially met with the couple about a month ago as they were looking for an experienced wedding photographer such as myself. I am very proud of what I do and my passion for photography grows every day. I think that they could definitely tell, because after meeting with twelve other photographers (myself being the thirteenth), Franklin the groom to be, told me that they would love me to be their wedding photographer. Can you believe this? They didn’t even take a minute to talk it over, just looked at each other, then back at me and made the announcement. I was pleasantly surprised and took the offer without any hesitation. They saw something in me that I don’t recall anyone I’ve worked with in the past seeing. It made me very happy and excited not just about them recognizing my talent and passion, but about their wedding. I became fully committed to doing my absolute best for them, and besides my lack of preparedness with the spare battery situation which could’ve turned into a disaster, it was a success. Enough about me and my river of feelings…

The reception was held at The Renaissance in Richmond. The place is beautiful by the way! The thing that I liked the most about it was the lighting. Setting was fairly dark and a bit of a challenge for me to take high quality photos, but I’ve managed as I always do. Pictures came out beautifully! I began to take photos with the flash on and they were okay, but I knew they could come out so much better. I’ve spoke with those who wanted awesome pictures and didn’t mind posing for a couple of seconds at a time, once they’ve agreed to pose the tripod came out of the bag, flash was off and the exposure began. It was so worth it! Every photo where people actually stood still and let me do my thing, came out magical!

Everyone had a blast and so did I. Once everyone started drinking, dancing and the light went all the way to dim, it became a lot more challenging for me to continue, which is when Frank came up to me and said “have some fun man, the wedding is over”. I don’t want to sound like a sissy, but it almost made me cry. This has been the most fun I’ve had at someone else’s wedding to date. What happened after I wrapped up the camera, tripod and all of my equipment I’ll tell you in the Part 2 as I have to run. Thank you all for tuning in and check back by clicking here for the most up-to-date posts. Peace!