Tips for New Photographers

If you are a beginning photographer, keep on reading! This article is going to cover the best tips and tricks for new photographers! I have composed a few things that I wish I had known prior to starting in the photography business.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1:

You must think and plan out your ideas before creating them. All of the best shots are not going to come simply from going out and doing it. Photography is a process and it takes time to create the perfect shot.

 Tip #2:

Get a tripod, but not just a cheap tripod. Choosing a tripod is a very important part of photography. You are going to need this for many occasions during your photography business time. Doing research on the best and most efficient products will overall help you out tremendously in the long run and is well worth the time.

Tip #3:

The rule of thirds will be your best friend. Imagine four lines. For these lines two are lying horizontally across the image and the other two are vertical creating nine squares, all the same size and shape. Placing the subject off this center line will create a picture more intriguing and interesting for the viewer. By using this basic layout for your photos, pictures will be more aesthetic.

Tip #4:

Using simple backgrounds will make your subject pop much more. If you need to create a focal point on your subject, having lots of things going on in the background will distract from the main focus and ruin the entire image. By creating a simple background and leaving the focus on your main subject, the image will be more settle and focused.

Tip #5:

NEVER use flash indoors. I had to learn this the hard way and nearly always messed up a majority of the shots I took indoors. Flash can create a harsh and unflattering lighting that will end up ruining the entire image right off the bat. Instead of heading straight to flash indoors, turn up the ISO to improve image quality and use the widest aperture for the best lighting.

Tip #6:

Your other best friend is photo shop. Some photographers claim using photo shop can be seen as “cheating.”  However, digital editing is simply improving upon the art you have already created. You aren’t creating a lie but simply making your art the best product possible.

Tip #7:

One mistake I constantly made when starting off, was taking one hundred shots of the same scene from the same angle.  Make sure to take multiple shots but from differing perspectives each time. You waste time when you take the same shot with no change, over and over again.

Tip #8:

Always find your focus. Whether you are shooting multiple people in one shot or just a single subject, your focus will make or break the picture. When you want a shallow depth field, make sure to adjust to focus to the person closest to the camera. Without doing this, the shot can turn out blurry and un-useable.

Hope these tips help you become a more seasoned photographer!