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  • Two weeks with Shane

    I haven’t been on writing that much lately and It’s all my fault as usual.

    Few of you may know that I’ve been staying with a friend here in Virginia Beach. I got the invite about a week back and decided to drive down a few days ago.

    Shane and I have been friends since high school, back when I lived in VA Beach. We would play around a lot and were some serious trouble makers. I remember when Shane was staying over at our house and my mom was especially suspicious of him that night. Not sure why, but he ended up sneaking out to go party at the beach and took me with him.

    Well, he’s all grown up now, has a wife and a daughter and the reason I’m staying here is because he wanted to catch up and needed a photographer to take pictures for his new company: http://www.asphaltpaversvirginiabeach.com. I’m no scrooge and have never been one, so I said “heck I’ll come visit” and now I’m here.…