Shooting all day, every day!

I’ve had an amazing couple of weeks, didn’t have much time for anything other than work.


Two weeks ago I got hired as an event photographer to a masquerade type party in RVA. All thanks to one of my good friend’s in the area, Mark. He part own’s in Photo Booth Rental Richmond which is a pretty awesome little business. A lot of creativity went into in and believe it or not, I was helping them build the booths from scratch.

So, enough about me, the Fred the Cheeseball(that’s what my ex used to call me)…

The masquerade party was a very unique type of event. Not just anybody got to go. For some reason, a bunch of very rich people like to dress up in consumes, put on ridiculous looking masks and gather at possibly the most expensive venue in town.I mean I don’t have any problem getting paid a ton for working for them, but I felt like those types of events generally happen at their huge villas, kinda like we have parties in our apartments and houses.

I got to meet a lot of great and influential people, but unfortunately didn’t get to see any of their faces… It was a masquerade for a reason.

I honestly felt like none of those people wanted to be seen and as you can imagine the photo look like a human zoo.

Why you may ask?

Well, starting with a lady dressed up as crane to the guy looking like a real life bear, I truly felt like I was running a photography show for Animal Planet. I don’t have anything against dressing up, but at some point the masks should come off, right? Nope. Not in this case!

The party lasted all in all about 7 hours, and that’s from the first entry till the last person left. None of the people have taken their masks off. The same things was going on in the bathrooms… I wanted to tell those guys “get outta here you animal” but decided to keep my mouth shut as I prefer to get paid rather than getting kicked out. 🙂 I just found it extremely funny how horse after giraffe would come up to the stall and switch out as if there was nothing wrong with the situation. I hope that it draws a good picture.

Anyways… Overall, the party was a success and both Mark and I have had ablast as well as some amazing food. I mean It was anything and everything. From seafood to kobe beef to corn on the cob…. It’s been a while since I’ve stuffed my face this full, simply because of how delicious and fresh the food was.

If any of you guys ever get a chance to attend one of those types of events, make sure that you do it at least once and be sure to find out about the rules. I saw one dude take off his mask because of how hot it was and next thing I see is a guard heading his way. They’ve talked and he swiftly put his mask on. I guess there are rules everywhere, no matter how rich you are.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more.