How Photography Changed Me

Taking pictures might seem like a boring task to many people out there, but that’s part of the reason they would hire someone like myself or buy my art. It is also a reason they aren’t very good at taking those pictures and selfies are they go to weapon, if you know what I mean, otherwise selfie sticks wouldn’t be all that popular!

Telephone has become the new camera, and people are okay with it. I am here to tell you that true photography remains a form of art that many people love and continue to evolve with. You see, taking pictures might seem simple to an outsider, but making a photo of a tow truck, picking up another vehicle look amazing is a gift as well as a skill. It is definitely an art form and to all the photographers out there, don’t let an outsider tell you otherwise.

Recently, a buddy of mine who owns a towing company in Richmond asked me to take some pictures of his work, so he would post them all over social media. I gave him a price and he agreed, after which I asked him why doesn’t he take photos of his work on his own… His answer was stunning! He told me that he would rather have the best possible photo representing his business, than a regular one. He didn’t want to be like everyone else in Richmond who owns a towing service, so he paid me to take wonderful pics and I did. He couldn’t be happier and is bragging to all his friends as I am writing this post.

I often get asked about the ways photography affected me, as a person and my answer is always the same… It changed me in the best possible way.

Since officially starting my photography career, I have become more creative, punctual and relaxed. I began to take it seriously and treat it as my job, therefore getting better at it every day. As I man, I can definitely see a more a change to a more sensual and understanding man. Not too sure how those relate with my career as a photographer, but the change is totally there.

I do have two nephews and It is worth mentioning that I have become much better with kids, understanding their though process and talking with them. As a man, but not a father, I feel that it’s an almost unique skill to have. Often times I get confused for a school teacher and a dad because of the way I interact with children on the playground. That tells me that you’ve got to have a special type of job or role in life in order to be good with children, at least that’s what society perceives as the norm.

All in all, I am very happy with the change I have experienced and encourage all of you photographers to-be out there, to start noticing those changes in yourselves and valuing them. That is all I have for today and thank you for your continuous support.